Food poverty is usually a symptom of deeper issues. It’s often not the only problem people and families are facing.

So it’s really important to us that other agencies and voluntary groups who are also caring for those who come to the food bank register with us. It means we can all help as many people who might need us as possible.

If you are an agency, either statutory or voluntary, and you need to refer people for food support, please get in touch with us so we can register you as one of our referral partners.

When you get in touch please provide us with the contact details of the most suitable person to whom to send information and referral forms. We maintain appropriate confidentiality, and each referral form asks only for a family name, the number of adults and children involved, and whether or not this is the first referral.

We don’t keep data or information other than the numbers involved and whether or not people are returning for continued support. Names and personal details are not kept beyond each visit and nothing is transferred to a computer.